Our Pupil Premium

St. Peter's Church of England Primary School, in common with all other schools, receives its funding from the Government via Lancashire Local Authority.

One element of this funding is called the PUPIL PREMIUM. This amount of this additional funding varies from school to school and is dependent on 3 factors: the number of children in school who are in the care of the local authority, the number who have an entitlement to a free school meal and the number who have a parent(s) in the armed forces.

During the financial year 2021/2022, our school received £46,830 of Pupil Premium funding which includes Pupil Premium Recovery funding. The attached form shows how this is allocated. In summary money is being used for:

  • Will help pay towards some children’s school trips and part of the residential visit in Year 5 who are on FSM .
  • Contribute towards the funding of extra Teaching Assistants in school to support children with additional needs and their learning
  • Fund Seasons for growth training
  • Fund Kidsafe funding
  • Fund 2 part-time learning mentors
  • SEN management time / TA3 time for SEN paperwork
  • Educational Physiologist and councillor  buy in for 2 children

The school's published educational outcomes in all areas at the end of the last school year were very positive as a group. We are focussing this year on improving outcomes of children on FSM.

During this financial year 2021/2022 - the school has received £38,600 and the rest is pupil premium Recovery money. Details of how this money is being spent and the figures and data related to last year are attached for your information.

Pupil Premium Information

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