What do we want children to learn?  How will they flourish in their DT lessons?

At St. Peter’s we intend to establish a Design and Technology curriculum that is inspiring, rigorous, carefully sequenced and equips the pupils with a range of practical skills. We want our children to work innovatively to design and make purposeful products that solve real and relevant problems with a real user in mind. We want our pupils to have the confidence to make mistakes and solve any problems that might arise whether they are working with mechanisms, structures, food, textiles or electrical systems. We want them to be inspired by engineers, designers and chefs. It is our aim to create strong cross curricular links with Maths, PSHE, Science, Art and Design, Computing, Geography and History. Through our DT provision we intend for our children to flourish, becoming resourceful, enterprising and capable citizens.

 How do We we teach our DT Curriculum – what does DT look like at St Peter’s?

Ambitious and exciting Design and Technology units of work are taught three times a year, in each year class. The units have been planned to enable all children, in each year stage, to access the full range of designing, making and evaluating skills and processes.  In each Key Stage, they will have opportunities to work with mechanisms, structures, Food Technology and textiles. In Key Stage 2 they will also design and make products that incorporate an electrical system and work with CAD.

The children’s work will be celebrated and displayed.

Whenever possible, the children will be designing and making meaningful real products with a real purpose and user in mind.

When appropriate, we will include external visitors, allied professionals and local visits to enhance the learning.


Design Technology

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