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School Data 2019-2020

There are no public SATS results form this year as these haee not being published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.  Please find below our data of the latest published ones.

School data 2018-2019

As a school we are extremely proud of all our children in every area of school life.  Academic success is just one of these strands.

Attached are tables for KS2 for the last 2 years against Lancashire and National


For further information please click on the link to our school data.

Our School Data


What assessments take place  

Our children undertake assessments at the end of each key stage which are reported upon.

Early Years

In our 2 classes that have Reception children we baseline the children as soon as they come in and again at the end of the year using 'Development Matters'.  

Key Stage 1

The children are teacher assessed in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) and maths.  They undertake set assessments in maths and reading. 

Key Stage 2

The children are teacher assessed in writing, reading, GPS and maths.  They undertake set assessments in maths reading and  GPS which are reported as a scaled score with 100 being the 'national expected score'.


School Finance 2020-2021

Each year we receive a budget linked to Pupil Numbers which is set and agreed by the School Governors.  

We do not have any members of staff that earn over £100k

To look at how we have spent our money over the last few years  please follow this link and put in our school details.

Schools Financial Benchmarking