On-line safety

St. Peter's C. of E. Primary School provides a balanced and relevant approach to the use of technology.  We have a range of laptops and IPADS across all key stages.  Children are encouraged to maximise the benefits and opportunities that technology has to offer.  We ensure that children learn in an environment where security measures are balanced appropriately with the need to learn effectively.  Here at St. Peter's, we aim to equip children with the skills and knowledge to use technology appropriately and responsibly.  We teach children how to recognise the risks associated with technology and how to deal with them, both within and outside the school environment.

The purpose of using the internet in school is to raise educational standards and to support the professional work of our staff.  It also enhances the school's operational functions.  the internet use is part of the statutory curriculum and a necessary tool, for learning.  Internet access is an entitlement for children who show a responsible and mature approach to its use.  It is part of everyday learning.  As a school we have a duty to provide children with quality internet access as part of the learning process.  Our children at St. Peter's use the Internet widely out of school and need to learn how to use the Internet and to take care of their own safety and security.

 Please click on our on-line safety Policy for further information.  this also includes the Acceptable Use' section.

Lancashire have designed a great website for parents about keeping children safe online.  Please click on the link below to access the website.


Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board